Environmental Prediction in the Gulf of Maine

Forecast of North Atlantic Right Whale births


The Forecast of North Atlantic right whale births Web module is based on research by Andrew Pershing (Cornell University) and his collaborators. They conducted oceanographic studies, ecological research, and mathematical modeling to develop the forecast methods. The forecasts provided in this Web module are generated using their models. Scientific publications about the research are listed in the References.

Andrew Pershing is an assistant professor at Cornell University in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science and the Faculty of Computing and Information Science. His research focuses on how the physical environment influences animal populations in the Gulf of Maine.

Research collaborators:
Bruce Monger, Charles Greene (Cornell University)
Barbara Bailey (University of Illinois)
Jeff Runge (University of New Hampshire)
Philip Bogden, Josie Quintrell, Tom Shyka (Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System)
Jack Jossi, David Mountain (Northeast Fisheries Science Center)

Funding for the research:
Northeast Consortium
NOAA Coastal Ocean Program
NOAA Coastal Services Center
NOAA Right Whale Grants Program

Credits for Forecast of North Atlantic right whale births Web module:
James Cradock, me3 Technology Consultants - Technical implementation
Ethan Nedeau, Biodrawversity - NAO and slope water icons
Andrew Pershing, Cornell University - Scientific advisor
Tom Shyka, Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System - Project management
Peter Taylor, Waterview Consulting - Conceptual development, writing, design
Ellen Winchester, Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System - Technical implementation