The Text-A-Buoy product has been discontinued due to lack of support and insufficient data. If this was a tool that you used, please let us know so we can gauge the interest and support in bringing it back. Contact us to let us know how you used this tool and why it is important to you.
Thank you!

Send and receive SMS messages from GoMOOS and NOAA buoys!

How does it work? text-a-buoy phone

Using your SMS enabled phone, choose 'send a text message' option. Choose the 'send to email' option (may differ depending on phone type), and enter the email address of the buoy you are interested in getting an update from (addresses in table below). Choose 'send' and you are done.

In the next few minutes you will receive a text message with the latest conditions from the buoy that you sent a message to.

Helpful hint: enter the email addresses of frequently used buoys into your phone's address book for quick access.

Helpful hint: This also by regular email using one of the links or addresses below. Test it out now!

Requirements: Text messaging-enabled mobile device with a text messaging plan. Text-A-Buoy service is provided for free by GoMOOS, but charges from your carrier for sending and receiving text messages may apply.

GoMOOS Buoy and Location
SMS Email Address
A Massachusetts Bay/Stellwagen buoya@gomoos.org
B Western Maine Shelf buoyb@gomoos.org
CCasco Bay buoyc@gomoos.org
D (D01)New Meadows River buoyd@gomoos.org, buoyd01@gomoos.org
BOW (D02)Lower Harpswell Sound buoybow@gomoos.org, buoyd02@gomoos.org
ECentral Maine Shelf buoye@gomoos.org
F Western Penobscot Bay buoyf@gomoos.org
I Eastern Maine Shelf buoyi@gomoos.org
JCobscook Bay buoyj@gomoos.org
KSaint John buoyk@gomoos.org
LScotian Shelf buoyl@gomoos.org
M Jordan Basin buoym@gomoos.org
NOAA Buoy and Location
SMS Email Address
NOAA Buoy 44011 - Georges Bank 44011@gomoos.org
NOAA Buoy 44018 - SE Cape Cod 44018@gomoos.org
NOAA Buoy 44013 - Boston Harbor 44013@gomoos.org
NOAA Buoy 44005 - Cashes Ledge 44005@gomoos.org
NOAA Buoy 44007 - Casco Bay 44007@gomoos.org
NOAA Buoy 44027 - Jonesport 44027@gomoos.org
UNH Buoy and Location
SMS Email Address
NOAA Buoy 44098 - Jeffrey's Ledge 44098@gomoos.org