Phytoplankton Biomass
The Phytoplankton Biology product has been discontinued due to lack of support and insufficient data. If this was a tool that you used, please let us know so we can gauge the interest and support in bringing it back. Contact us to let us know how you used this tool and why it is important to you.
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GoMOOS measures microscopic plant life. Direct measurements include chlorophyll and sunlight. These measurements are utilized to estimate phytoplankton biomass, the occurrence of phytoplankton blooms, and primary productivity. (Click on buoy for data)

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Chlorophyll concentration

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MODIS map of the Gulf of Maine
This image was updated on 12/17/2017

The above image shows the chlorophyll concentration as resolved by the MODIS instrument onboard NASA's AQUA satellite. White areas over the ocean show where data is not available, usually due to cloud cover.