The RSS Feeds have been discontinued due to lack of support and insufficient data. If this was a tool that you used, please let us know so we can gauge the interest and support in bringing it back. Contact us to let us know how you used this tool and why it is important to you.
Thank you!

About GoMOOS RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for distributing news and information on the web. GoMOOS provides RSS feeds on pages such as Hourly Buoy Data and All Data Measured. These feeds include real-time observations from GoMOOS, NDBC and C-MAN sites situated in the Gulf of Maine. These real-time data are provisional; please consult the definition of provisional data and their inherent limitations.

Available GoMOOS RSS feeds

The following is a list of RSS feeds currently available at GoMOOS (more will be added soon!):

How to use RSS feeds

You need to follow two simple steps to start using these RSS feeds:

  1. First, download and install an RSS reader application. There are many options, and we've provided links to RSS readers for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD and UNIX below.
  2. Configure the application for the GoMOOS RSS feeds. Depending on the RSS reader application you choose, this is usually not much harder than typing a web-site address into your browser window.

Alternately, web-based RSS readers are built in to (for example) My Yahoo! and Google's Gmail.

Suggested RSS feed reader software

Google has a good list of RSS readers for Windows here.

RSS readers for the Macintosh are here.

Users of Linux, FreeBSD and UNIX operating systems can find RSS readers from here.

And finally, Google's directory list of web-based RSS reader services are here.

Tell us what you think

GoMOOS wants to know what you think of these RSS feeds. Send us feedback with the feedback form.