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Gulf of Maine Regional Habitat Monitoring > Mapping Tool An interactive map for displaying vegetation monitoring data from salt marsh and seagrass habitats.

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Lat: 42.75 N Lon: 67.34 W
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The Gulf of Maine Council on the Environment and its partners have adopted standard protocols for coastal habitat monitoring. Use of standard methods by existing monitoring programs around the Gulf of Maine provides the basis for regional comparisons and synthesis. Salt marsh vegetation data are collected following the Gulf of Maine Salt Marsh Monitoring Protocol, which was developed through collaboration and consensus among scientists and resource managers from the Gulf of Maine region. Seagrass vegetation data are collected following protocols of the SeagrassNet, a global seagrass monitoring program.
For additional information contact:
Greg Klassen
Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment
Environmental Monitoring Coordinator
49 Parkindale Rd
Pollett River, NB E4Z 3A7
(506) 756-2549
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