DODS data access

This page provides a interface to NERACOOS buoy datasets accessible via DODS (Distributed Oceanographic Data System). NERACOOS provides a DODS server for scientific data access. See below for links and further explanation.

DODS datasets
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There are a large number of DODS datasets to choose from. You can filter a selection using the form on the left and press "Show datasets" to view matching datasets.

DODS information

The DODS system consists of client and server programs for distributing and storing data in a universal format. This permits those running DODS servers to give easy access to their data stored in formats as diverse as NetCDF, HDF, JGOFS, Matlab, and relational databases. Those using DODS clients gain the ability to selectively access others' data without requiring the ability to work directly with the native data format. DODS clients also provide tools for importing data directly into data analysis packages such as IDL, Matlab, Ferret, and GrADS, yet data can be downloaded with most web browsers. Please see the following links for further information.