About GoMOOS: Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System
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New marine information for multiple users

The ocean influences everyone – just think of El Nino. Yet, unlike the routine monitoring of weather patterns in the atmosphere, there has been relatively little routine observing of ocean waters – including the Gulf of Maine – until now. Click here for a report on the economic benefits of ocean observing in the Gulf of Maine.

GoMOOS is a national pilot program designed to bring hourly oceanographic data from the Gulf of Maine to all those who need it, including:

All these users can benefit from the up-to-date information GoMOOS provides.

A regional consortium of interests and disciplines

GoMOOS responds to user needs because users direct the organization. We are a non-profit membership organization representing all user groups.

Buoys, radar, and satellites collect data

Models combine data to understand systems and predict events

GoMOOS has several projects to develop and test various computer models.

Frontrunner in the national scene

The U.S. Congress has tasked the National Ocean Research Leadership Council, a multi-agency body (See www.nopp.org and www.ocean.us.net), to develop plans for a nationwide coastal ocean observing system. The founders of GoMOOS helped write the seminal design documents for the proposed national system. They conceived the national system as a federation of linked regional systems. GoMOOS is the working prototype for a regional system, serving regional states and provinces now, and preparing to serve the nation in the future.

Our Sponsors

The Office of Naval Research continues to support the development of GoMOOS. The Navy promotes ocean observing because of its many applications to national security. They also recognize and support the numerous and diverse public benefits made possible by observing systems such as GoMOOS.